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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Minecraft school

In rm6 we have been making modern learning environments my one was on sketchup and it has two main classes and one small breakout class. One class is an no teacher class where you do independent things the other class is for if you want a teacher teach you something. 


In suzzane's inquiry group we have been making arcade games out of cardboard my game is pinball and it's so hard. Everytime the marble or pingpong ball gets traped you have to give some one else a turn. The aim of the game is to get a ball in the prize hole. The best score someone got was 200. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Earthquake arcade

In rm6 we are making earthquake games in my game you have to dodge the blocks the game is really hard the seniors died imedeatly. The stage of my game that is so hard has formation that makes 1 block come down on you and the other one comes at you from the side. 

Maths strategy

My latest strategy is trebling and doubling. For example 3 trebled equals 9 because 3x3=9. 2 doubled is 4 because because 2x2=4. 

Game writing

Start: introduction to characters

Problem: jamesrea2 driving dirty

Problem end: jamesrea2 rolling the zonda for the 300th time

Hi my name is jamesrea1 and right at the moment I'm racing my twin brother jamesrea2 who's in a pagani zonda R while I'm in the slowest car in gran turismo 5. Oof why did he crash into me with that manic zonda!!? Ok he rolled over I'm safe for 3 seconds if he goes at my speed! But he's at 200 kilometres an hour! Zooooommmm , crash. good he won't catch me because the next corner is downhill on 15 degree slope and really sharp! Smack! Oof he drifted into me zoooom , Now he's on the power strait no offence jamesrea2 but you are terrible at driving. Next thing that i know is I am on the power straight  and then I see jamesrea2 who has rolled the zonda up ahead.  As soon as I get past the zonda it restarts and then it goes behind me and pulls into the pits . I slowly creep past the pits at 15km an hour. As soon as I pass the pit’s exit the zonda pulls out of the exit of the pits suddenly the zonda spins out of control and into a burnout sending my teeny car flying ahead. I manage to zoom past the corner but lose all the speed that the zonda gave me on the second corner.

Unluckily I'm onto the power straight, well the first one. The zonda manages to just get past me before drifting into the wall. I get up the hill and start coming down the hill and turn the corner. SSSLLLLLAAAAAMMMMMM  I'm sent flying again and it takes the toll on the car and the chasis break.  

Monday, 23 November 2015

Athletics writing

Voiceover: mace

Jumper1: mace

Jumper 2: Toby

Lines: voiceover: hey what are doing!? Jumper 1: we are doing invisible high jump. Voiceover: but I moved it yesterday and replaced it with a shark tank. Flashback- jumper 1: ooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww something bit me!!!!!!

Flashback: voiceover drags something away and pushes something back.

Arguing person: Who is voiceover? Author: he is mason. Arguing person: But isn't he jumper 1? Author: He is but he's two characters. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fear writing

I'm 50 floors up, directly below me is the street.

I feel like the glass is going to break! My heart is beating really fast. I hear the wind whistling. I see a skydiver jump off the top of the building with a rope. They scream as the ground met them… in mid air. The cars look like headless ants crawling around.

I look at my cousins and they show no traces of fear. I thought why are they not scared? I see a clock on the wall. It says 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, WHOOSH goes a skydiver. It. Must be a skydive countdown, I think. Thankfully it's not connected to a giant battery of TNT. Even the floor of the lift is glass.

I see humans that look like sand and buildings that look like toy buildings. I hear the wind playing with the windows and metal. I step on the glass. A panel next to the glass says this glass is 60cm thick and is as strong as concrete, how is that supposed to reassure you I think. Whoosh okay that does not help. (AGAIN)

The floor seems to be dropping on a diagonal slope. I feel like the sky tower is swaying meter by meter. I'm speechless like a fish out of water. I freeze literally, frozen.

Everything goes wonky, really wonky. A problem is the walls seem really thin. Whoosh, okay I'm going to the other side. No your not snaps grandma. My cousin Charlie drags me onto the glass…

… this time I don't clamber back up I face my fear and hit it smack on the forehead. I'm soon interested in how people are mostly coming from a southwest direction. Even more strangely the cars are coming mostly from a northeast direction, I wonder where they are going.  

On to the next floor I say in my head… We gather in the lift to find out it just left! And were going to have to wait another terrifying 5 minutes. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Zero waste

It is keep N.Z. clean week Liam A has covered up all the rubbish bins with black tape for keep N.Z. clean week he has also placed a food scrap bin in every class. This is creating a problem in our house as we have to take the eaten yoghurt home😝. 

Tereo maori

Walt maori body parts. 

Description: I have made a piece of art about the maori body parts. 

Next time I would like to have not been in code club because it was delaying me making it. 

Eportfolio writing

Eportfolio W.A. 1

WALT: take inspiration from animal kingdom. 
I have taken inspiration from a cheetah and I am based on speed. I have made a main body piece and a head piece. I found it hard to paint. Next time I would like to make it round not square. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Eportfolio maths

In maths we have been doing decimal and decimal fractions addition, subtraction and multiplications. 

For example 2/8+2.9=6.09 So let's start with the 2/8 we are working with 10ths so two 8ths times 10 equals 80 2 times 10 equals 20 so it is 20/80 dived by 8 equals 2.5/10 or 3.15f you add 2.9 it equals 6.09

2/10+3/5=0.8 So let's start with the 3/5 we are working with tenths so we need to double the five then double the three whitch equals 0.6+0.2=0.8

0.3+199.9=200.2 0.9+0.3=1.2+199=200.2


Sunday, 9 August 2015


What did I do? Covered a area with colour. 

Why did I do it

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Carving with Joy

In joys class I have been doing pumice carving. I have made because I'm jealous of my mum's koru. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Term 2 learner disposition

I know I can show appropriate behaviour at different situations because I move away to a space without a blocker. Then if a blocker moves to me I go away. But sometimes I don't move away. So I need to keep trying. Then my next goal is to check my emails every day. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Flood writing

A flood ocours when there is to much water in a river or estuary. Floodgates should be opened immediately otherwise it builds up to much pressure. This is still risky as it can flood that area. When the Manawatu river flooded it's walkway. The flooded walkway was 1-2 meters deep. Stopbanks stop water from flooding but the need to be big not up to the exosphere because that would be stupid. The exosphere is where satellites orbit earth. Floods can be deadly if they are giant. Earthquakes can trigger tsunamis (A.K.A Giant wave) these cause floods. Warning this story will explode in water. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Maths stage 6

In our group we did a very hard problem called David's drive dilemma. Abby got the wrong idea and didn't look at the numbers on the signs. She thought they were at halfway but they weren't. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Math sample term 2

this is my Math sample hope you enjoy

What do you enjoy in maths and why? 

I am very good at maths but sometimes i get one wrong because

I have'nt read them right

What challenges you the most and why? 

Divison because i don't

Practice it because its not in the mathex i do at home

What do you need to get better at in maths and why? 

Divison because i don't Practice it because its not in the mathex 

i do at home

How can adults help you with this goal? 

My dad can try and find one with division. 


“Matariki Sample”

Purpose: To share our learning about Matariki; what is it? And how we can celebrate Matariki in our own way?

WALA: Matariki


  • Retell the story of Matariki like a play

  • Write a story about Matariki

  • Make a model about Matariki

  • Create a piece of art about Matariki

  • Learn and sing songs.

  • Create a movie about Matariki to share (it could be a legend or about Matariki)

  • Create a facts Kahoot about Matariki

  • Create a TV commercial advertising Matariki

  • Create a debate about this statement: “Matariki Day should be a National Holiday”


  • Choose one of the above activities

  • Ask yourself: Will it suit my buddy? Is it appropriate for the amount of people in my group?

  • Research some facts about Matariki: What, When, Where, Why, How, Who?

  • What resources do you need?

  • Prepare the things you need for Friday morning for buddy time

  • On Friday you will have from 9:30 - 11am to complete it with your buddy

  • The following week you will have more time to edit / practise / put on the final touches

  • Be prepared to share with the whole-school on Thursday Matariki Day


Phoebe, Freya, Ruby & Kalia (Rm 3)

Annaliese, Noah, Mason & Troy (Rm 4)

Toby, Lenni, Ryder, Jack (Breakout rm 4/5)

Hannah,Abby, Manaia, Addisyn (Rm 6)

Samantha, Halle, Aroha, Layla (Rm 6)

Azahra, Cohen, Luca, Mac

Emily, Renae, Emma, Max, Samuel (Rm6)

Emily S, Charlotte, Liwan, Porsha (Rm4)

Angus, Mason, Kairo, Benji, James (Rm 3)

Richard, Shrawan, Max, Shaun, Jackson (Staffroom)

Bella, Jayde, Miracle, .. (Rm4).

Billy, Gordon, Jayden (Rm 3 office)

Kate, Tahu, Braydon (Sick bay)

What do you enjoy the most and why? When I appear suddenly.

What challenged you the most and why? What I did once I appear.

What do you need to get better at and why? Not jumping once I appear.

How can adults help you with this goal? Don't know because this does not involve an adult.  

Monday, 1 June 2015


In maths we played decimal bingo then we had to figure out who was closest to the number the winner was... Me. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


  • What is your writing goal? My goal is making a good story

  • Put a target on your goal for this term:  💣

Generating Ideas

  • thinking, planning, brainstorming, building 

Organising Ideas

  • thinking, mapping, sifting, sorting, re-wording


  • adding detail, language features, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, both technical and precise.


  • simple, short, long, complex, compound, variety, connectives, adverbial, adjectival. 

Copy and paste your favourite sentence here: Why is it your favourite sentence? The hypnotised the rescue crew and some hypnotised skeletons I recognise as the drowned people from my waka march forward chanting destroy him, DESTROY HIM. This is my favourite sentence because it mentions hypnotise and I really like the word hypnotise. 

What challenged you the most and why? This story challenged me the most because my first story made no sense. 

What do you need to get better at in your writing and why? Sentences because they usaly make no sense. 

How can adults help you with this goal? Adults can read my story and tell me if it does not make sense. 

Characters humans

Plot a day in the life of skeleton. 

Scene beach

899 years ago I was paddling my tribes waka at this very beach when suddenly a storm hit and the boat capsized. Everybody was flung out of the waka and drowned. My dead corpse washed up on the beach and over time my flesh was eaten by creatures leaving only my bones. At midnight I come alive and stroll along the beach looking for any trace of my flesh. 

Tonight another boat has capsized I recognise it. It's a exact replica of the waka I was drowned on. NO! It's the same one recovered and fixed. A panel on the side says: This waka was used 899 years ago. I hear scraping noises kkkkkkkkkkkkk and the waka scrapes against big rocks sticking out of the water. The left side rips off with so much pressure the waka flings off the humans the same way it flung me off but these people have lifejackets on and float to safety. 

WOO! WOO!, WOO! WOO!. It's next midnight and the first thing I hear is a ambulance. The rescue crew has arrived and they do not know what happened, the rocks have mysteriously vanished. Suddenly I realise it was the great mechanical beast of this beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT MUST HAVE CAUSED THE TORNADO THAT MY WAKA WAS SUNK BY! Suddenly all the rescue crew got sucked into the water. Quickly the beast emerged, with a creak a door at the front opened. The hypnotised rescue crew and some hypnotised skeletons I recognise as the drowned people from my waka march forward chanting destroy him, DESTROY HIM! They tie me up and take me to their leader another skeleton I recognise as my brother. He laughs I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD. BUT... I have slipped away and successfully destroy the hypnotising machine without being noticed or detected.

 My brother is taken to a museum by the unhipnotised rescue crew and locked in a glass case and taken apart. Now he gets taken apart & put back together again. If you want to see him go to te papa but... What ever you do don't go at midnight.      

Thursday, 21 May 2015



“6smallbubbles’ Assembly”

Purpose: To reflect on our assembly organisation and evaluate your contribution and participation.

WALT: Entertain and Inform (Assembly)


  • Choose a learning area you would like to share

  • Prepare a script to inform your audience with details about “what we have been learning”

  • Prepare an item to showcase our learning

  • Create a slide that compliments your script and performance.

What was your highlight and why? Reading out my writing because I didn't get so scared I gave up.

What challenged you the most and why? Not getting too scared because I usually get stage fright.

Which value or Key Competency did you find the easiest?  Why?

  • participating because we all had jobs and I wasn't in the music group.

Which value or Key Competency you did find the hardest? Managing self because people were writing on my post and I was over reacting.  


100% again when am I not going to get 100%?

Sunday, 10 May 2015


Maths what my group is doing is decimals this a decimals cube and 1/10 of a decimal cube. 
It would take 10 1/10th's to make a cube. 
I understood this idea. 5/10th is the same as a half. This could be a rectangle or triangle. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015


The ANZACs fought in Gallipoli
Gallipoli is in Turkey 
They sailed in huge landing boats escorted by warships and steamboats 
Gallipoli is a beach which is now called ANZAC cove. 
When they landed one of the steam boats showerd lots of sparks alerting the Turks. They landed on April 25 1915. 
The men that survived the landing were drenched with fear
The men were drenched with fear because they saw there cover being blown away, and the air was filled with cannons exploding, riffles and machine guns. 
Gallipoli was a bad place to land because it is sorounded by hills and was enemy territory.
392,856 people were killed or injured in ww1 at Gallipoli. That is an amount that is making me sick. 

Here is my story about me as an ANZAC. 

Hi I'm General Toby💣 We are landing in huge landing boats ready to fight💣 Heaps of people died when one of the steamboats accidentally alerted the Turkish of our men's presence💣 Gunfire washed down like a tidal wave killing many brave young men💣 Now the enemy guns are in full flow💣 KKKKKKKKKKK "FIRE" BOOM KKKKKKKK "get up and charge" KKKKKKKK yes one Turk down but 99 ANZACS were already dead💣 BOOM,BOOM,BOOM my riffle is missing its target " Finally I hit a Turk" thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk💣 "One Turk to go, one ANZAC left"💣 "TAKE HIM DOWN"   BOOM HES DOWN💣

I am scared about my life and the other men's lives💣 I'm sprinting for my future, a bullet embedded in my left leg is slowing me down from my usual sprint to a gallop💣 My life is gone I'm dead I think 💣 I feel like meat thrown to a highly trained tiger💣


9 out of 10, forgot that attack has two t's.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Learner disposition reflection

I know I can get to school on time have iPad on over 20% and sign in because I am here on time and have my iPad over 20% and sign in. 
I know I can complete the priorities because I do my priorities before my specials. 
My goal is I can show appropriate behaviour at different situations. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

3d room

With lynley we have been making 3d rooms and shapes.

The easiest thing was drawing and adding the details to the drawing.

The hardest part was colouring the room.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Chocolate lie

Nic lied to us today to make us do learning he said New World had a chocolate bar competition so we did a test. Then once we had he told us it was a fake. He planned lots of distraction for us but I worked through the distractions. 
Loud noise used to be a distraction for me but now if I concentrate hard enough nothing distracts me. 


I have been working hard on writing my millions numbers. 
I am learning to write numbers to 10,000,000,including fractions and decimals. 
As far as I am concerned I am going good. 

My Grandad's cousin is worth $56,500,000. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Day one

Today I completed:

Story telling 

I enjoyed the stilt race but I found stilts challanging because I have a broken arm. 

Everything was hard today because I have a broken arm. 

Day two 

Today I did: 

The amazing gorge loop walk. I had already done the loop five times before with grandma. 

When we did the gorge loop we saw two wood pigoens standing in a tree. A wood pigeons Maori name is kereru. 

Oral storytelling

I think I did a good job of the planning stage because it didn't take me long and it looked detailed. My plan made it really easy to tell the story. My favourite sound effect was ch, ch, ch, ch when I was a giant heat ray. 

I could have done better with the actions because it was hard to understand. My actions were not that clear and the audience did not take part. 


Thursday, 12 March 2015



I have again got 100% but I am getting quicker. My Next words are about,lunch,called,white,along,beach,opened,years

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015



Purpose: To describe an interesting character so we can tell a story about them at the Marae stay.

WALT: Entertain (character description)


Think of a character you could write about.

Draw them.  

Introduce your character in an entertaining way.

Describe their looks.  

Describe their personality.  

I think/feel statement (Conclusion / Summary)

Criteria: I can

Self Assessment

Descriptive vocabulary (words that help to SHOW the reader)

  • use a range of verbs

Language features (phrases that help paint a picture)

  • select one or two similes

  • use onomatopoeia to show sounds

  • select words that start with the same sound (alliteration)

My writing is 2-3 paragraphs (100 - 200 words)

Learning Partner Comment

Feedback: I love the way you did all the things corectly

Feedforward: Next time make sure you do the spaces a littel bit bigger 


Overall, how well do you think your learning partner has done?

Transformaman can transform into anything. His superpower is sharp spikes he can grow then he shoots them. He is a cyborg half human half robot. He has a permanent snarl and a angry expression! He wears a yellow and red suit. His favourite thing to do on break is transform into a rocket and blast across space in seconds. His favourite song is rumor has it. Being grumpy is his personality look out.