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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fear writing

I'm 50 floors up, directly below me is the street.

I feel like the glass is going to break! My heart is beating really fast. I hear the wind whistling. I see a skydiver jump off the top of the building with a rope. They scream as the ground met them… in mid air. The cars look like headless ants crawling around.

I look at my cousins and they show no traces of fear. I thought why are they not scared? I see a clock on the wall. It says 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, WHOOSH goes a skydiver. It. Must be a skydive countdown, I think. Thankfully it's not connected to a giant battery of TNT. Even the floor of the lift is glass.

I see humans that look like sand and buildings that look like toy buildings. I hear the wind playing with the windows and metal. I step on the glass. A panel next to the glass says this glass is 60cm thick and is as strong as concrete, how is that supposed to reassure you I think. Whoosh okay that does not help. (AGAIN)

The floor seems to be dropping on a diagonal slope. I feel like the sky tower is swaying meter by meter. I'm speechless like a fish out of water. I freeze literally, frozen.

Everything goes wonky, really wonky. A problem is the walls seem really thin. Whoosh, okay I'm going to the other side. No your not snaps grandma. My cousin Charlie drags me onto the glass…

… this time I don't clamber back up I face my fear and hit it smack on the forehead. I'm soon interested in how people are mostly coming from a southwest direction. Even more strangely the cars are coming mostly from a northeast direction, I wonder where they are going.  

On to the next floor I say in my head… We gather in the lift to find out it just left! And were going to have to wait another terrifying 5 minutes. 

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