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Thursday, 7 May 2015


The ANZACs fought in Gallipoli
Gallipoli is in Turkey 
They sailed in huge landing boats escorted by warships and steamboats 
Gallipoli is a beach which is now called ANZAC cove. 
When they landed one of the steam boats showerd lots of sparks alerting the Turks. They landed on April 25 1915. 
The men that survived the landing were drenched with fear
The men were drenched with fear because they saw there cover being blown away, and the air was filled with cannons exploding, riffles and machine guns. 
Gallipoli was a bad place to land because it is sorounded by hills and was enemy territory.
392,856 people were killed or injured in ww1 at Gallipoli. That is an amount that is making me sick. 

Here is my story about me as an ANZAC. 

Hi I'm General Toby💣 We are landing in huge landing boats ready to fight💣 Heaps of people died when one of the steamboats accidentally alerted the Turkish of our men's presence💣 Gunfire washed down like a tidal wave killing many brave young men💣 Now the enemy guns are in full flow💣 KKKKKKKKKKK "FIRE" BOOM KKKKKKKK "get up and charge" KKKKKKKK yes one Turk down but 99 ANZACS were already dead💣 BOOM,BOOM,BOOM my riffle is missing its target " Finally I hit a Turk" thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk💣 "One Turk to go, one ANZAC left"💣 "TAKE HIM DOWN"   BOOM HES DOWN💣

I am scared about my life and the other men's lives💣 I'm sprinting for my future, a bullet embedded in my left leg is slowing me down from my usual sprint to a gallop💣 My life is gone I'm dead I think 💣 I feel like meat thrown to a highly trained tiger💣

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