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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Minecraft school

In rm6 we have been making modern learning environments my one was on sketchup and it has two main classes and one small breakout class. One class is an no teacher class where you do independent things the other class is for if you want a teacher teach you something. 


In suzzane's inquiry group we have been making arcade games out of cardboard my game is pinball and it's so hard. Everytime the marble or pingpong ball gets traped you have to give some one else a turn. The aim of the game is to get a ball in the prize hole. The best score someone got was 200. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Earthquake arcade

In rm6 we are making earthquake games in my game you have to dodge the blocks the game is really hard the seniors died imedeatly. The stage of my game that is so hard has formation that makes 1 block come down on you and the other one comes at you from the side. 

Maths strategy

My latest strategy is trebling and doubling. For example 3 trebled equals 9 because 3x3=9. 2 doubled is 4 because because 2x2=4. 

Game writing

Start: introduction to characters

Problem: jamesrea2 driving dirty

Problem end: jamesrea2 rolling the zonda for the 300th time

Hi my name is jamesrea1 and right at the moment I'm racing my twin brother jamesrea2 who's in a pagani zonda R while I'm in the slowest car in gran turismo 5. Oof why did he crash into me with that manic zonda!!? Ok he rolled over I'm safe for 3 seconds if he goes at my speed! But he's at 200 kilometres an hour! Zooooommmm , crash. good he won't catch me because the next corner is downhill on 15 degree slope and really sharp! Smack! Oof he drifted into me zoooom , Now he's on the power strait no offence jamesrea2 but you are terrible at driving. Next thing that i know is I am on the power straight  and then I see jamesrea2 who has rolled the zonda up ahead.  As soon as I get past the zonda it restarts and then it goes behind me and pulls into the pits . I slowly creep past the pits at 15km an hour. As soon as I pass the pit’s exit the zonda pulls out of the exit of the pits suddenly the zonda spins out of control and into a burnout sending my teeny car flying ahead. I manage to zoom past the corner but lose all the speed that the zonda gave me on the second corner.

Unluckily I'm onto the power straight, well the first one. The zonda manages to just get past me before drifting into the wall. I get up the hill and start coming down the hill and turn the corner. SSSLLLLLAAAAAMMMMMM  I'm sent flying again and it takes the toll on the car and the chasis break.