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Thursday, 17 March 2016


When everyone goes to kapa Haka some of us go to E.T. Reo with Elly and Troy. We have been making family trees/whakapapa. I chose to make mine on sheets. The main learning was to know the Māori names for: mum dad grandma and grandad. I found this challenging because it's hard to spell the words. 

Nice work maybe next time don't make the pitchers so big.
I like the colours and how you did it is great. Bella

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  1. Toby, great job on your family tree. It was great seeing you design your own format for sharing your family. Great to see the colour coding and key, I know Elly would love that part! Next time, maybe you could ask Mum and Dad more about their grandparents and beyond as I know they would love to help you with that.