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Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word eportfolio sample

Description: We have been creating one word art. I chose learning as my word because last year I didn't do enough. This year it's not happening. Step 1 get a word. Step 2 make a draft. Step 3 measure. Step 4 check with a teacher. Step 5 make the final version. Step 6 glue it on. Final product : 

Image :

Feedback: I think you did well with your letters because it looks creative  
Feedfordward: You should of done your sign a bit smaller
Thanks for the feed back Houston. 

Evaluation: It was hard to get the right size. It was easy to get a good block letter. Next time I'll see if I can follow the feed back. 


  1. Toby, I am glad to hear that you are able to get on with your learning this year. You must have got really good at avoiding your blockers and finding drivers. I think you lettering looks awesome and stands out. Next time think about your sizing so you can fit all your letters in better.

  2. Step 7: Make you ACTIONS match your words. Keep your focus on learning and provide the evidence of your depth of thinking. Write with detail and clarity....