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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Camp eportfolio post

Description: We had a really long trip on Tuesday. We had to go to El Rancho camp in Waikanae.
A 6:30am wake up. An 8:30am depart... It would be long and I would definitely meet my enemy, TRAVEL SICKNESS. A couple of minutes later, ah vomiting. When we got there all the boys had to do a discover El Rancho course and sort our cabins.
Finally our first activity, the pool. The other activities include the: waterslide, archery, rifles, and mini golf.
The millions of other things were fun but not as fun as the rafting: a piece of wood, milk bottles and lots of string, simplicity! We had a challenge to see if the boys could beat the girls. We had to make up a raft. The girls capsized theres. Then they lost heaps of milk bottle caps causing it to then sink, just like Titanic. We had to pick up bottle caps from everywhere.

Feedback/feed forward: I like how in the comments you were honest about everything but maybe you could add a bit more writing so we know a bit more about your day. Houston


  1. It's great to overcome personal challenges at camp Toby and I am glad that you were able to hurdle a few. Next time a bit more depth in your reflections would help give your readers a bit more information. (e.g. how did you find out you weren't a fast swimmer and why did that matter etc)

  2. I think its really cool that you found rafts challanging, but still fun and also I agree I would of got seconds for the nachos to. Next time you could be more specfic on how you weren't a fast swimmer.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time at camp. From the stories you shared at home, I know there was a lot more detail you could have added to these reflections.

  4. Nice to read your diaries Toby. I can see camp was very exciting and challenging. Make sure you add details so we can understand what you are feeling and why.