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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


On Thursdays I have made planes my first design came 2nd and the second is still undergoing testing. 

This is meant to catch wind. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Douglas Park Sports Exchange

DPSE or Douglas Park Sports Exchange is when Douglas Park School comes here or we go see them in Masterton. We won the Tararua challenge flag last year but this year we lost it. There are thirteen games in five sports. They won the most games.  Next year we will be going over to Masterton to see them. I was in the only winning hockey team which was Team B. 

Feedback I like how you put a photo on your blog 
Feedforward: I think you should add more witting I the description  
Angus m >:()
Evaluation: The game was on turf and I expected us to win because training on grass is better than on turf as it is harder. We only had one practice so we weren't ready and most people had to go in a new sport. Next year people should be in the sports they are good at. If we do that we should get the trophy. I think the post is pretty good now. Thanks for the feedback Angus.  

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Seed2table eportfolio sample

In p4 we had to do Seed2table. Seed2table is where you make homemade meals. The first meal we made was minestrone soup with focaccia bread and for desert chocolate pudding. Other meals included: corn fritters and meatballs. We also did experiments about how plants grow in winter and what to do to make them grow better. 

This is our experiment 

Feedback/Feedforward: I liked how you told what you guys made at seed2table next time you could say how to grow plants in winter. Kyan

Evaluation: My favourite meal was the minestrone soup. I found the experiment hard because I kept running out of time which shows how bad I am at managing my time. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ET Reo

Every Monday the people who aren't in kapa haka stay at class and learn about Māori fruit and vegetables. I have made a kahoot but ran out time to finish it which is why it only has 3 questions. The questions are pretty hard if you don't have your iPad out so no going on the Māori English dictionary. 

Evaluation: I found this hard because Kahoot was playing up at the time so I had to create a new account.  

Monday, 20 June 2016

"Code Club" eportfolio sample

On Tuesday's me, Patrick and Shaiv go to Code Club where we go practice coding to make games. Some of the games were: clone wars where aliens invade earth ( my one is called bus ball ) and mega maths. Code Club is hard because you have to find things and the guides are in B&W (black and white) and the actual thing is in colour. I like it because some games are fun non-learning games and some are learning games.

Feedback: I like how you explained what you did. Houston
Feed forward: Maybe you can one of your games than just the normal screen for scratch. Houston

Evaluation: I found this blog post hard because I had to have to use someone from code club because someone else would not know about it. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Goal for cross country

My goal for cross country is to at least come fifth. I have been coming second but some people spring up and get in front of you.

I chose this goal because I have been doing extremely well in the practice and I am used to off road conditions, another reason is that this is the last place that you can get into the inter school cross country. I will get this goal because of those two advantages.