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Monday, 20 June 2016

"Code Club" eportfolio sample

On Tuesday's me, Patrick and Shaiv go to Code Club where we go practice coding to make games. Some of the games were: clone wars where aliens invade earth ( my one is called bus ball ) and mega maths. Code Club is hard because you have to find things and the guides are in B&W (black and white) and the actual thing is in colour. I like it because some games are fun non-learning games and some are learning games.

Feedback: I like how you explained what you did. Houston
Feed forward: Maybe you can one of your games than just the normal screen for scratch. Houston

Evaluation: I found this blog post hard because I had to have to use someone from code club because someone else would not know about it. 


  1. You are confident following and adapting the instructions and concepts covered during these sessions. Well done Toby

  2. Awesome to see you share about your code club projects Toby. For those who don't know code, it would have been nice to see a brief run down on how you did it.