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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Maths portfolio

We have been learning about fractions.

This week we have been doing a quiz for maths with fraction questions, I got 5 done. I created this for people to try to solve and to prove it's hard this is the question that tripped up the deputy principal but it was just put in to trip him up. The one below it is a real math question.

I learnt about fractions of sets and fractions of irregular shapes.  The ones below are equivalent fractions.
Feedforward feedback I like the way you made the questions not easy next time you can do more. 
Evaluation I found the slide extremely hard to make. I now know how to find fractions in irregular shapes better because I used to do more complex fractions rather than than simpler ones.  

You can see more here


  1. Some pretty tricky questions you have come up with there. Obviously you like a challenge and I'm sure Dad is providing that for you. Well Done Toby!

  2. You are developing your understanding of fractions well Toby. I enjoy the way you share your ideas and strategies in our workshops and demonstrate your confidence with number strategies. Keep up that can-do attitude.