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Monday, 30 May 2016

Bookapedia term 2

TITLE: skimming and scanning

WALT: create criteria to evaluate sources

A good source: -has a good reputation, be from a trusted expert

-not ask you for private information or have virus warnings

-contain the keywords/information you are looking for

TITLE: Summarising
WALT: Persist to find information to gain a wider perspective


TITLE:  wouldn't want to be a

I wouldn't want to be a World War One pilot because the planes were faulty, slow and non armoured plus the fact that your fuel tank could be shot, you could be frozen and the wings could come of. 

Feedback/Feedforward: Good job on informing what you have done in Bookapedia but maybe you could explain what Bookapedia is? Would an alien know what your talking about? Patrick😜

Evaluation: I find Bookapedia hard because sometimes you have to look over lots of websites to get better at finding good websites and you only find one good website. 


  1. Skimming and Scanning is a great skill. Make sure you take care of your work and quality photo's for your posts. How do your facts connect with the train article in your post.

  2. I don't think I would want to be a WWI Pilot either! Toby you have so many good ideas that sometimes your brain gets sidetracked from what you have been asked to do. Stay focused by checking back at the WALT regularly and finding somewhere on your own to work away from distractions. That way you will get the job finished in time and it will be of a quality standard you are capable of.