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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Listening post

Description: Hi today we have been making videos about listening. We chose busy listening and active listening. Busy listening is when you multitask, like listening to a story and taking your shoes of at the same time. 


Big idea: The learning behind this was to create a video about two types of listening. Everyone has a group but some people didn't listen and formed the wrong types of groups! 

Feedback/Feedforward: I think that it is good that you where clear and you had active listening and busy listening across the whole screen and it was there for the whole time. I think you should make sure next time you get the whole group in the video so it make it looks like someone else in the video.jake

Evaluation: The video was quick and easy but it was hard to get the post right. I learnt that thirty seconds is hard to fit a video in because it's a short time. Next time I'll try to follow jake's feedback. 

1 comment:

  1. Toby, your movie clearly shows the difference between the two types of listeners. Next time think about adding in 'me too' listening and maybe explaining the post in a bit more detail.